Sixth Street Massage Therapy Clinic

Treating back, neck, limb and headache pain

Dedicated To Pain Relief, Effective Aids To Healing

Thank you for visiting Sixth Street Massage Therapy Clinic!  We are devoted to performing the most optimal treatments we can provide, based on the best known science and medical knowledge related to the health and therapy world.  More importantly, we are here to help you learn as much about your medical problems or pains as possible, and helping you realize where and how in your body the keys are for regaining optimal health.

This section of the website will be devoted to various ideas and thoughts that come up that are related to understanding the roles of pain and injury in our lives, how we can cope through these processes, and come out on the other side of it and thrive.  Because this clinic and website are really about you, your input is important.  Email any questions you would like answered, or topics that you think should be covered and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Yours In Health,

Ken G. Leong, RMT


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