Sixth Street Massage Therapy Clinic

Treating back, neck, limb and headache pain

About Us

As of May 2014, we are one full-time Registered Massage Therapist and one Reflexologist.  We have been serving New Westminster and outlying areas (from White Rock to North Vancouver, Vancouver to Abbotsford!) since 1995.

We treat people for acute injuries, chronic pain and restrictions, and all manner of conditions in-between.  Our goals are assisting your recovery, and aiding you to continue to do whatever work, activity, or sport is important to your life.

Our patients come to us from direct doctor referrals, as well as recommendations from friends and family.  In either case, we treat all your health and well-being concerns with professionalism and respect, and have a sincere desire to resolve your problem in as timely and effective a manner as possible.

Our Practitioners:

Ken G. Leong, RMT                                
(Registered Massage Therapist)

Eden H. Leong                       
(Certified Reflexologist)


One comment on “About Us

  1. Roma
    December 23, 2009

    Hi Ken and Eden.
    Wishing you a happy holiday and I’d like to say what I said to Ken earlier today….”Thank you for helping me through a very difficult year….my life is back to what it use to be and I know I owe a huge Thank You and show of gratitude for your excellent treatments and advice!!!!”
    Also…I’ll try the Sushi place – we’re always looking for new eateries!
    All the best.

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