Sixth Street Massage Therapy Clinic

Treating back, neck, limb and headache pain

BC Phase 2 & 3 Treatment Info

(May 25 – June 30, 2021)


Dear Patient

Before you come for your treatment, could you please:

  1. Go online two days before your treatment to complete the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool at, and let us know whether you appear to have any COVID-19 symptoms, or the Assessment Tool recommends any particular course of action.
  2. Let us know if you have been in close contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19, traveled to any countries outside Canada (including the United States) within the last 14 days, or had any medical symptoms on or related to the questions in the BC Self-Assessment Tool.

For your treatment, we are asking that you:

  1. Come alone, unless you need someone for physical support or assistance, or are a minor who requires a parent or guardian to accompany you.  Otherwise, we can only accommodate one person in the waiting room at any time.
  2. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your treatment.
  3. Use hand sanitizer upon your arrive to our office, and just before leaving our office.
  4. Bring and wear a clean mask, to be worn in the waiting area and in the treatment room if possible.  Both therapist and patient will wear masks and/or PPE for mutual protection.
  5. Avoid any unnecessary touching of any furniture or surfaces in the office, and maintain the usual physical distancing in our office (2 meters) when reasonably possible.

There will be no penalties or late cancellation fees if canceling for illness or having possible COVID-19 symptoms.  Please cancel your appointment if you are sick.

Your therapist(s) will regularly monitor their own health and possible exposure to others, and also will regularly utilize the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool, notifying you if there is any cause for concern.

As well, staff/therapists will take all care to wash hands thoroughly before and after every treatment, with treatment rooms and high-touch clinic surfaces cleaned and/or sanitized frequently.

Although we take as much precaution as reasonably possible, as the nature of our treatments do not allow for physical distancing, please be aware that it is impossible to eliminate all risk related to the state of general pandemic.  Please consider your own category or tolerance of risk in regards to going out or booking any appointments with us.

Please feel free to respond with any questions or concerns.


Sixth Street Massage Therapy Clinic


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